Salushi, Claremont


Set in the heart of Claremont, it’s the perfect place to go if you want some sushi after a hard workout at the gym, shopping at Cavendish, or any of the other great things to do in the area. It’s been open since 2010 and has managed to keep business going with their great prices on sushi (which is hard to find) and drinks alike.

Once inside, we were seated at one of the tables outside as there was a pleasant breeze that evening. The outside ‘courtyard’ was situated between the main restaurant and some vegetation blocking the parking lot.

The prices are what one was to expect from a sushi restaurant located in the the center of Claremont so we decided we’d buy from their weekly Thursday deal. This deal entails 50% off all of their a la carte sushi besides sashimi.

After looking at the menu for a few minutes we ordered our drinks…


Virgin Mojito and Margarita              

The Mojito was great. I haven’t had a Mojito before, but if they all taste like that then it might just be my favorite drink. So well done to Salushi for making my first Mojito so well.

My dad’s margarita was… good. He prefers the traditional shaken margarita to the blended, premade ones most places now serve. It was also a good price.

After our thirst had been sufficiently quenched we took a final look at the menu and ordered our sushi.


Tuna crunch roll & Salmon fashion sandwich

Sushi food 1.jpg

The tuna crunch rolls were delicious. The fact that I found them so good may be linked to the fact that i was very hesitant to order them as I had ordered a crunch roll from somewhere else in Cape Town and I couldn’t finish 5 pieces without taking off the fried part. There was just the right amount of fried outer layer and to this day Japanese mayonnaise might be one of my favorite edible substances on the planet.

I wasn’t expecting very much from the fashion sandwiches and that’s exactly what I got. Sub-par pieces of avocado wrapped in the least amount of salmon possible and standard rice.


Tuna and Salmon nigiri & Prawn roll

Sushu food 1.jpg

The nigiri was quite average. The rice was bland and dry and it seems that Salushi put on just enough fish for it to be counted as nigiri.

On the other hand, the prawn rolls were quite good. Salushi achieved a good balance between fried layer, rice, topping, and filling. So, props to the chef.


Rainbow roll

Sushi food xtra.jpg

This was outstanding. An 8 piece roll wrapped in salmon and tuna. I would come back just for the rainbow roll. It was a pleasant experience after the not-so-great nigiri and OK fashion sandwiches. As balanced as the prawn rolls, just with all the three types of fish previously consumed in the other dishes.


White chocolate mousse & Dark chocolate pots de creme

Sushi dessert.jpg

I’ll admit, white chocolate isn’t my favorite but I preferred it to the dark chocolate mousse. The presentation was lovely and went along with the theme of the dish but the peanut brittle seemed like it was just placed on top of the mousse. It wasn’t really part of the dish

The chocolate mousse was disappointing to say the least. It was good but you could find mousse that tastes disturbingly similar at Woolworths. However, it was a good size for one person, the chocolate balls on top were a good compliment to the smooth mousse.


The service was good with the waiters often coming to the table and making sure everything was alright and seeming friendly with a smile always on their lips.

The manager was great. A joyful man who went from table to table speaking to guests and giving us his opinion on which desert we should choose.

All in all, a good experience ending with a decent bill and a full stomach.


Address: 1 Protea Rd & Corwen Rd, Claremont.


Phone number: 021 671 427


One thought on “Salushi, Claremont

  1. I liked the detailed comments on each individual item – unusual for a good review and gives a very clear idea of what to expect. Also, what to order and what to avoid! I would like to know exactly where the restaurant is, but that’s a small point. Interesting and enjoyable to read. I look forward to more.


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