Foresters Arms, Newlands

Forresters inside view.jpg

Foresters Arms, or as its more commonly known, “Forries” has been around since 1852. It started as a place to rest and eat and 165 years later it is still exactly that. It’s a good place to have a beer or two and a hearty meal surrounded by friends after a practice for your local rugby club or a long day’s work.                                                                                                                   I had been planning to go to Forries for a while now and after it was suggested that I go there by a friend I decided that that was the night.

After finding spot in the parking lot we walked into Forries and stood around awkwardly waiting to be seated. We decided to approach staff and ask if we could sit down and we went off to find a place to sit outside.

I took my first look at the menu and thought to myself huh, looks like decent prices. We then proceeded to order our drinks…

Chocolate milkshake and Newland’s Springs Passionate Blonde

iain milkshake.jpgdad beer.jpg

As soon as I saw the milkshake I knew it was going to be very sub-par. You can tell that a milkshake is bad by spotting two things. First: If the straw is a type of straw you use to drink coke, it’s not thick and creamy enough. Second: When you see that weird chocolate stuff on the side of the cup you can tell that it’s made with some sort of syrup. After I drank it I knew I was right about it’s quality.

When it comes to their beer selection, my dad is quite happy. They used to sell pretty much only commercial beers, but now they sell a fair amount of craft beers and that amount is growing. Looking around, I noticed that quite a popular choice of beverage was a 5-6  liter container of beer. If/when you go maybe you should try out this option. (Not all by yourself though!)

After consulting the menu for a while and figuring out what the different colored dots next to an item meant we ordered out starter.

Roasted jalapeno poppers


We chose these because we like poppers and it’s chef recommended. The chef was right. My favorite part of it would probably be the fig sauce. It was sublime. Also, anything that I eat that’s wrapped in bacon will get a good review. The presentation was also quite nice and it was prepared quite quickly.

Taking our last look at the menu we proceeded to order our mains.

Amadori pizza & Deluxe beef burger


The pizza was alright. The Italian salami and black olives were delicious but the base was a bit too thin and the peppers much too spicy. The peppers were spicy enough that I didn’t finish the pizza which is saying a lot considering I love eating pizza.

The burger was better but still not good. The fries were almost soggy and if I go to a pub/restaurant I expect a better bun than a plain white bread one. The beef was OK but the caramelized onions were splendid. If it weren’t for the onion the burger would have been quite dry, as burgers go.

The service was average except that it was quite difficult to get the waiter’s attention.

Neither the prices nor the food were very good so I don’t think I’ll choose Forries over a different place in the area in the future nor will I recommend it to a friend.

Foresters Arms

Address: 52 Newlands Ave, Newlands


Phone number: 021 689 5949


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