The Bay Sports Bar, Constantia

Inside Hout Bay Rugby club.jpg

The Bay Sports Bar is possibly one of my favorite places to go to have a good time. The food is decent enough that you won’t regret going there but the main attraction for me is the monthly Thursday night quiz.

On the first Thursday of every month The Bay Sports Bar hosts a fun and enlightening quiz that is the only quiz I’ve done (multiple times) and I suggest you try it out. Even if you come in last you’ll get a prize. If you want to be on the mailing list here’s their email to contact.

Once we arrived we ordered our drinks and then waited for the rest of our quiz team to arrive while drinking mentioned drinks…

Chocolate milkshake and Brandy & coke special

Unfortunately I forgot to take photos of both the milkshake and the brandy & coke.

The milkshake looked like the milkshake I got from Forries, that gross chocolate syrup on the side and a straw too thin for a thick enough milkshake. However, it was better than the one from Forries. Although, there was a thin straw the milkshake was thick and creamy as it should. Unfortunately, since they paired a thin straw and a thick milkshake it was difficult to drink.

The brandy & coke was fine. You can’t really mess it up or do it better than a different place. On the other hand, the selection of drinks was not fine. In fact, the selection, was quite mediocre. They had a very small array of beers and not enough of them were on draught.

Chicken schnitzel and Homemade chicken & leek pie


The chicken schnitzel is great. It’s good enough that I order it every time I go there and I recommended it to someone on the pub quiz team. It’s a good size, comes with a choice of pepper or mushroom sauce, and the fries are good.

On the menu, the description for the pie was simply, “Delicious”. The menu was right. It was a good size and it was full of chicken. So, no false advertising there.

Although the pie was good, I suggest the schnitzel as you can also choose between 2 sauces.

The service was good with the waitress always popping back to take more orders and empty plates.

The night was fun with us landing in second place by one point. We left with bottles of wine as a second place prize and full stomachs having eaten hearty, good dishes.

The Bay Sports Bar

Address: False Bay Rugby Football Club Sports Complex, Constantia, Constantia Main Rd,                     Constantia


Phone number:  021 794 0652


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