The Salt Yard, Little Mowbray


First and foremost, a huge thank you to Tim and Margie for inviting me and for paying for all 3 courses at The Salt Yard.

The decor was great. Not just the fact that they went with a vintage look but that their vintage look was complete, so complete that they rusted items on purpose. I’ve noticed that lots of restaurants go for a specific look but they have certain items like the lights or walls that are off. So well done to The Salt Yard for a complete, good look.

When I arrived it hit me that this was a very local/in the community restaurant. This was clear as Margie and Tim knew all of the waiters and waitresses names, the waiters knew their names, and a waitress even brought out a dog bowl containing water for Ollie (Margie’s dog) to drink from.

After doing the standard greetings we proceeded to order our drinks…

Gourmet Oreo Milkshake and local wines


The milkshake was great. When I took a look at the menu I was pleasantly surprised to see that they listed ‘Syrup Milkshakes’ and ‘Gourmet Milkshakes’ separately which I appreciate as then I know exactly what I’m getting. When I saw it arrive I knew it would be good because, firstly, there was no syrup on the side and, secondly, the straw was the correct size. The taste was great, especially because it contained Oreo bits, making it truly gourmet. However, something was slightly off about the milk. It wasn’t exactly spoiled but there was a hint of sour. But overall, a great milkshake that I would definitely get again.

The wine selection was good. There was a decent amount of wines on offer and they were all offered at decent prices. My dad doesn’t regret choosing the wine that he chose but would probably get one of the other reds offered at the same price to try them out.

As we consumed the beverages of our choice we took another look at the menu to order starters…

Grilled & Fried haloumi and Mussel pot

haloumi.jpgmusserl pot.jpg

I got the haloumi because Margie said that it was good. She was correct. It was a really good size and tasted great. I had never had haloumi before so I was a bit hesitant but now I know the true beauty of that cheese. Both the fried and the grilled haloumi was good so I suggest that you just choose based on personal preference.

The mussel pot was also quite good. The mussels were good and fresh and the sauce was splendid.  You could have actually ordered the mussel pot as a small meal if you weren’t very hungry.

Overall I think that if I went back I’d probably get the haloumi as a starter again but both were good so props to the chef.

We had actually ordered our mains shortly after ordering our starters but actually asked them to stutter the mains to be delivered shortly after the starters…

Mushroom burger

Cheese burger.jpg

The mushroom burger sucked. The meat was well cooked, the bun was nice and the curly fries were delicious, but the mushroom was overpowering. Rather than the mushroom being used as a flavor it was almost as big an ingredient as the meat. It was basically a slab of bland mushrooms sitting on the beef. Sorry Salt Yard but this was a disappointment.

Cheese burger

mushroom burger.jpg

Literally one of my favorite burgers in Cape Town. The meat was cooked perfectly, the bun was great, whatever their secret sauce is is great, and, yet again, the fries were delicious. I find it interesting that this burger was cheaper but far better than the mushroom burger. This is definitely going to be the main that I get next time I go to The Salt Yard and I suggest that you get it too.

Dagwood burger


The Dagwood, in Margie’s words, was ‘Outstanding’. It was a larger burger than the other 2 , explaining the higher price tag. So this is not a burger for someone who can’t eat a lot. There was a good amount of goat’s cheese and the fig added a pleasant sweetness to the burger. This is a good choice if you are the type that can eat a lot and has a higher budget.

Baby chicken


Excellent. When I think of a baby chicken my mind envisions something small, like 3 breasts. This was not very small. However, it did justify the price tag as it was a great portion for someone hungry. Margie appreciated that the sauce came on the side as many people, including herself, prefer to eat a dish without the extra sauce. The salad was also quite nice, full of fresh ingredients.

Prawn Naçionale


The prawns were sub-par. The prawns were, excuse the pun, swimming in sauce. There was too much sauce and to make that fact worse, this sauce was a thick sauce. A lighter sauce would have allowed the dish to be up to standard.

Margie said that the churros weren’t exactly what she was expecting so I thought to myself, I’ll be the judge of that…



They weren’t churros. If you’ve ever had churros before you’d know as soon as you saw these that they weren’t churros. They resembled and kind of tasted like bread sticks. What I expect of churros is a warm, crispy, sugary exterior with a soft inside. What I got was a piece of bread, same consistency inside and out, covered in cinnamon. No sugar in sight.However, the chocolate sauce was so good that, instead of wasting it on bread, I drank it. Point is, either these should be changed, taken off of the menu, or advertised as something else.

Great service and definitely a place that I’ll go to again.

The Salt Yard

Address: 72 Durban Road, Mowbray

Website: They unfortunately don’t have one but here they are on Zomato.

Phone number: 021 685 0307


One thought on “The Salt Yard, Little Mowbray

  1. Thank you for the excellent review – very accurate and balanced. Death to the churros. In case anyone is confused, there were 2 Margies there, so I didn’t eat as much as the review suggests! We had a really good evening with you and I think you’ve captured the essence of The Saltyard very well. The owner/Manager(?) (not sure) used to have a restaurant at the Waterfront and is contiuously working on improving this one.
    Margie Blake

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