Banks Burger, Newlands

banks exterior.jpgbanks interior.jpg

I truly love Banks Burgers. The first time I ate there I actually thought of sending them a review on their food, service, and décor. So I suppose this is where all this began and why I was so excited to review them.

My dad and I have been to Banks Burger so many times that he redeemed 2 loyalty cards when we went there to review it, a loyalty card is 10 burgers so we’ve been there more than 10 times.

Knowing the food and the layout already, we ordered our food and drink…

Oreo Milkshake

banks milkshake

It was actually surprisingly good. It was made with an ice-cream that tastes more crisp. I can’t really describe it. It was quite different from any milkshake I had consumed before and it came at quite a decent price so I suggest you try it it out for yourself.


banks coffee.jpg

It was very good for the price that it was. My dad told me that it contests with coffee shop coffee so if you’re looking for a cheap, decent coffee then I suggest that you get this one.

Fries and Onion Rings

banks starters.jpg

I love their fries. They are the perfect balance of crisp to soft and they salt it perfectly. They also come in a great size when you order them with a combo.

The onion rings were also great. I actually really dislike onion rings because they come in that disgusting batter that you get when you order fish and chips which is why I never by fish and chips or onion rings. But these onion rings are different. They fry their onion rings without the batter so I’ll definitely get these in the future.

Cheese Burger


As Bev would have it, “They get the balance right in between the ingredients, there isn’t, like, to much meat or anything.” I agree with that statement wholeheartedly. I’ve had it before and I really liked the way that the meat was cooked.



The burger that brought my dad to tears. It was really spicy. So spicy that after taking one bite myself I couldn’t do anything but sit there, mouth wide open asking my dad to bring multiple glasses of water to try and douse the fire that one bite brought to my mouth. However, after talking off the jalapenos it was actually really good. So I suggest that you don’t get it unless you ask for less jalapenos as my dad can handle spicy foods.

Banks Burger


Fantastic. The meat is cooked perfectly, the caramelized onions were caramelized beautifully and the overall juiciness of the burger is what has brought me back to Banks Burger so many times. Well done to the chefs for making such a mouth watering burger for such a good price.

Captain Crunchy


This was a good soft serve. It’s advertised as a soft serve but that’s not what you get. You get much better. If you look closely at the picture you’ll see that the ice-cream is crispy. I still don’t think that’s the right word but it’s the best description I can think of. It comes in a really good size and is topped with those Crunchy bars that you can buy at the store. Definitely something I’ll buy again.

The staff are really nice. Nice enough that when Margie asked if she could bring her dog they said yes and I arrived to the sight of Ollie walking around on his leash without a care in the world.

I really like their décor. It’s a really nice, simplistic look with the kitchen taking up about a third of the place which I really like because you can watch the staff make the patties and the buns.

I like that they make everything on site. The only downside to this however, is that the buns are kind of tough. Besides the buns though, everything is delicious.

An overall fun, delicious experience that I look forward to going back to in the future.

Banks Burger

Address: 47 Dean Street, Newlands


Phone number: 027 62 313 3551


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