Brad’s Grill, Harfield Village

The decor was pleasant. It had a nice, modern, red and grey theme to it. However, it had those chalkboard signs up on the walls, which I’m fine with, but as soon as those chalkboards get the weird little drawings on them… I don’t really like that.

On arrival we didn’t have to wait to be seated because, firstly, we had actually booked, and secondly, it was nearly empty. This seems saddening to me as their steaks truly are good.

After taking a while to figure out what we wanted, we ordered our drinks…

Chocolate Milkshake



It wasn’t too bad. They didn’t make it with the syrup but it was made with some sort of powdery flavoring, like a Nesquik milkshake. And, although it didn’t have a thick straw, it was thick enough that they brought me a spoon. The taste was fair enough considering it’s a restaurant known for their steaks. Overall, I wouldn’t recommend it.


The margarita looked so disappointingly plain that we didn’t take a picture of it because you can probably imagine a default margarita. Putting aside the fact that it looked so standard my dad described it as, “Quite good.” He wouldn’t describe it as life changing but if he were to go back he’d probably order the margarita again.

Red wine

My dad had ordered the house wine but our waiter forgot about the order so, as an apology, he gave my dad one of the better wines for the price of the house wine.

After staring at all of the choices of starters that they had we finally decided…

Brad’s Buffalo Wings

cape town wings.jpgwings.jpg

The menu described the wings as, “The best in Cape Town.” I agree with that statement. I’ve never had buffalo wings before but my dad told me that they were some of the better wings that he’s had in his past and he’s eaten some really good wings. As I write this my dad is saying that he would go back to Brad’s Grill for the chicken wings. I think that there was a good amount of meat on the wings and the barbecue sauce was outstanding.

After wiping the delicious barbecue sauce from our hands onto warm towels we ordered our mains…

Pepper Fillet

menu fillet.jpgpepper fillet.jpg

Whoever gave this pepper fillet an award was correct to do so. The meat was cooked perfectly, it was the perfect shade of pink that made it perfectly tender. The sauce was not my favorite. I’m sure that it was good for a pepper sauce (my dad thinks that it was good) but I don’t really like pepper sauce.

Brad’s Burger

brad burger.jpg

The burger was, in a word, meh. The meat was, yet again, cooked really well but the cheese was fake, they used watercress lettuce, and the bun was disappointing for a legitimate restaurant. The onion rings were far to bready and thick meaning that my dad, who loves onion rings, didn’t finish them.

The service was very nice and Brad, the Brad, was sitting amongst the customers which I always find quite nice.

Overall, I think that I’ll go there again and I recommend that you try it out too.

Brad’s Grill

Address: 69 2nd Ave, Claremont


Phone number: 027 21 671 2527


2 thoughts on “Brad’s Grill, Harfield Village

  1. Next time you go, try some of their desserts – their baking is awesome! Or it used to be when we used to go regularly for their special…. Did you notice whether they still run a weekly special of a flat rate (cheap) for a choice of mains and veg?


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