Knead, Claremont

knead yhappy hourkneadknead taco special

As pictured above, we managed to go to Knead during their Happy Hour and their Taco Tuesday special. Knead has a specials menu for every weekday so you’ll eat cheap and good food every evening you go.

The atmosphere was quite warm and homely. Although it was completely full it didn’t feel crowded as most of the seating is outside.

Once we arrived we were immediately seated and given our menus from which we ordered drinks and food at the same time…

Chocolate Milkshake and House Wines


Meh. The milkshake was alright. For the price of R20 it was quite good. Usually a milkshake of that size would cost around R35 so it was good value. I’ve noticed while writing these reviews that restaurants of Cape Town essentially make 3 different types of milkshakes: The good gourmet milkshake, the gross and sugary syrup milkshake, and the OK tasting milkshake made of some sort of powder. This one was the one made of powder that tastes alright but tastes kind of like it contains dust particles. Overall, good amount when it’s on special for R20.

The wine was excellent. The house wine was quite “full bodied” as my dad said and was noticeably good considering it was a house wine. At a great price of R20 my dad says that he would buy it for double the price. This is all, of course, during the happy hour.

Pulled Pork Taco

pork taco.jpg

Excellent. The pork was cooked very nicely and the sauce was delicious. It was full of fresh ingredients and tasted a bit like re-fried beans. I’m not exactly sure why but that’s not necessarily a bad thing.

Chicken Taco

chicken taco.jpg


This was probably my favorite one. The sauce was actually better than the sauce on the pork taco and the tortillas were cooked very well. My only problem with the chicken taco was that I couldn’t actually taste the chicken. At first I thought the sauce was masking the taste but after picking out an individual piece I still couldn’t taste it. If Knead improves on the chicken then this will be one of my favorite dishes I’ve eaten out.

Mince Curry Taco

curry taco.jpg

Also very good. I’m not a huge fan of curry but they made the taco with such a good balance of curry, veg and sauce that this was just as delicious as the other two. The tortillas were unfortunately a tiny bit overcooked and tough.

Roast Veg and Hummus Taco

veg taco.jpg

This one wasn’t bad but it was my least favorite. I think they may have overstuffed the taco and some pieces of vegetable weren’t cut into bite size pieces. All of the veg was cooked well though and the butternut tasted great.

When it comes to the tacos in general I think that the sauce was great but they didn’t need to put so much coriander (cilantro) on top.

A great deal and atmosphere that I think I’d definitely try again that I think you should try out as well.

Knead, Claremont

Address: 17 Palmyra Junction, 9 Palmyra Road, Claremont


Phone number: 021 671 0802 (Specifically Palmyra number)


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