Rascals, Claremont

rascals inside.jpg

As you might be able to tell from the picture, Rascals is a sports bar. It’s my dad’s favorite place to go, get a drink, maybe some food, and watch football.

It’s quite a loud, warm and vibey place that has enough TVs that pretty much every football game will be on at least one of the TVs.

Once we arrived we were seated in one of the rooms with air-con and was showing the Chelsea and Bournemouth game and received our menus…

Coke and Newlands Spring Passionate Blonde

rascals beer.jpg

The Coke was just that, a Coke. I can’t review the taste of it, however they only offered a bar Coke which was disappointingly small. I understand that it’s a bar so of course they’d only offer a bar Coke but they had other beverages like Fanta in normal sizes.

The choice of beers was quite large and diverse. They had the normal, like Castle or Black Label etc. but they also had a few craft beers available which my dad appreciates as he’s not really a fan of the major label beers.

Rascals Special pizza

rascals pizza.jpg

This was certainly special. It tasted great and the crust was the perfect thickness. Based on how many ingredients were on here I was worried they wouldn’t go well together but somehow I was able to taste each individual ingredient and it tasted good as a whole. I’ll definitely be getting this again.

Surf and Turf

rascals surf and turf.jpg

The steak was pretty good for a pub. The basting was delicious but it wasn’t cooked the same throughout the entire steak. About half of it was cooked a medium rare while the other was closer to a medium.

The calamari was acceptable by itself. What really made the calamari superb was the sauce that went with it. I’m not exactly sure what it was but it tasted like tartar sauce which is pretty much good with anything.

Overall a good experience that ended with me full and ready to go back again.


Address: 2 Meyer Street, Claremont

Website: They don’t have an official website but they do have a Facebook page.

Phone number: 027 21 671 2844



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