Peregrine Farm Stall, N2

peregrine inside.jpg

Peregrine Farm Stall. If you’ve gone anywhere along the N2 then you’ll know Peregrine Farm Stall for it’s delicious pies and biltong. But instead of stopping for the little shop, we decided to try out the restaurant.

If you like a busy, loud, and spacious restaurant then this is the place for you. None of the people dining with me were a fan of loud restaurants so it wasn’t the best but it wasn’t unbearably loud.

Brownie Milkshake, Cappuccino, and Everson’s Cider

peregrine milkshake.jpg

The milkshake was actually pretty tasty. It was a good size, was thick, and was homemade. I like that they put a little bit of whipped cream on top of the milkshake as most places don’t do this.

peregrine coffee.jpg

The cappuccino was… average. It was what is expected for the price so it wasn’t too bad. However, if you want a good hot beverage then I suggest that you try out the take-away ones sold outside.

peregrine cider.jpg

This was a great, locally-made cider. They had three on offer from Everson’s but only this one was on draft which is disappointing as my dad wanted a different one.


peregrine bobotie.jpg

The bobotie and yellow rice was quite plain so I appreciate that they offered garnish with it that gave it some flavor. It was also quite a small portion of rice. Overall, this is enough to fill one person up but I wouldn’t recommend it.

For those of you wondering what bobotie is, it’s this. You can really put anything on it but one of my favorite things to put on it would be coconut shavings and sliced banana. If they sell it somewhere near you then you should try it. If not, make it. It’s fairly easy to make and is delicious. Bonus points if you make it and comment what your thoughts are!

Beef Burger

peregrine beef

Not too bad. I was actually pleasantly surprised by the quality of it for the price. The beef was cooked very well and the American mustard on the bun tasted great. I didn’t enjoy the chips very much but that’s just because I prefer thin, crispy chips to thick, fluffy ones.

Veggie Burger

peregrine veg.jpg

Possibly the best vegg burger I’ve ever had. Granted, I don’t order them very often but the lentil patty stayed together better that I’ve ever seen before. I don’t say this very often but I think that this veg burger is better than the beef alternative at the same restaurant. I definitely recommend it.

Overall, a delicious experience (food and drinks alike) that I am looking forward to on my next trip in that direction.

Peregrine Farm Stall, N2

Address: Google maps (This is a very old satellite photo)


Phone number: 027 21 848 9011


One thought on “Peregrine Farm Stall, N2

  1. One of my favourite stopping places. Now compare with the Elgin on your next trip – and that place on the left as you drive away from CT which now advertises slow-roast meat. That’s great! Keep dining, keep shiningg.


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